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Brand stories

Friday 5 Jul 2013

You know when an idea makes you stop in your tracks? Usually in my case I just forget where I’m going, and said idea resigns itself to the land of the abandoned along with the brilliant novel I’ll never write about Coke-o-nomics or Bird Theory. But sometimes it sticks, and subsequently every conversation or meeting seems to point back to it. Well, recently I haven’t been able to move for references to stories and storytelling within the context of advertising. And so I thought I’d commit this little idea to paper, and see where it went (you can be the judge).

Where's your web at?

Friday 5 Jul 2013

The mobile revolution

The way we access the internet has changed fundamentally in the past 6 years. Before 2007 and the release of the the first generation iPhone, people rarely, if ever, accessed the web with their mobiles. Terrible WAP speeds plagued the tiny screens and poor input methods exacerbated the ineptitude of mobiles to handle anything more than SMS, photos and phone calls.

UI ubiquitous

Friday 5 Jul 2013

User interfaces use familiar actions and paths that deliver predictable outcomes. Mobile UI is no different, but in this relatively young, widely divergent and ever-growing medium, how do your users expect things to work? When breaking new ground with innovative digital products, how can you use the standards prevalent in UI to ensure quick adoption?

We've picked out the most prevalent UI formats to show how the best apps have perpetuated the best features as well as creating brilliant idiosyncrasies of the own. 

The UK's coolest communications agency?

Friday 5 Jul 2013

There’s something about the best brands that is evocative of much more than just a product. In fact, there’s something about most brands (barring the absolutely mundane and uninspiring – like Vauxhall or Glade) that makes us respond emotionally.

The post-PC era

Friday 5 Jul 2013

The PC is dying, and it's all thanks to the Steve Jobs' brainchildren. So how can your brand adapt to a digital media landscape where a new king reigns supreme?

“PCs are like trucks”

The Post PC era is upon us. You can see it in the hands of commuters, your children’s portable distractions and the sales figures of the new iPad. Apple's shifted 3 million units in just 3 days after release. The last PC that did that? There wasn't one.

Signed, sealed, delivered

Friday 5 Jul 2013

In this blog Charles draws parallels between the scorned direct mail and cherished Valentine's card.

OK, let's immediately address the elephant in the room. There are very few people who equate DM to love. Perhaps it's the disparaging nickname that makes a difference to perceptions of the medium but, whatever the cause, there are more than a few “No Junk Mail” stickers on postboxes.

Information overload

Friday 5 Jul 2013

What's the difference between data and information? We ask if some technology brands have a bad case of “too much too soon” with their excessive information design.

Technology product packaging suffers from a terrible case of information overload. Scour the surface of most electronics product packages and the overwhelming amount of information available is a signifier of one catastrophic problem – most technology brands don't understand their USPs.

Android vs iOS

Thursday 20 Dec 2012

Choosing the right operating system for your app is a critical consideration, one which is often glossed over for the de-facto iOS choice. And there's a reason for that. But what's the best operating system to launch your app on, and is there an alternative to choosing just one?